Ingredients for 4 persons:
800 g Fribourger Vacherin-Cheese
1 Garlic toe
1 dl water

To start with you rub the cut garlic through the pot. Then add the water and boil it slightly. Then add the cheese and stir continuously. Add a little extra water to get a nice creamy substance. Important note: This fondue does not need a addition of white wine, does not accept Kirsch liquor and should not be spiced with any herbs or binding powder.
Traditionally cheese fondue is had with bread. Our Chief Cook has some secret additions which suit this Fondue perfectly well: Kings Prawns, Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables steamed in bouillon, all kinds of pickles and even French fries and mushrooms slightly heated in bouillon taste upper best with this molten creamy delicacy from Fribourg.


Ingredients for 4 persons:
200 g Toblerône
500gr Fruits: Grapes, Strawberry, banana, pear, pineapple

Wash and cut the fruits and place them outside the fridge to make sure they are served on room temperature. That is to increase the taste. Now all you need is a small pot on a holder heated with a candle which you place on or next to the dining table from course one onward.
Break the chocolate in pieces, drop it in the pot and nature does the rest. The chocolate begins to melt. Stir the chocolate every once in a while, while enjoying your main courses. General appetite during diner and desert time is guaranteed!


Ingredients for 4 persons:
1 Litre of bouillon
500 gr. Noodles
4 Eggs
200 gr. Soya
1 Kg raw vegetables: Mushrooms, Bami from a can and further vegetables with short cooking time: Tomatoes, courgette, eggplant
Sauces: Soyasauce, ketjap manis, mayonnaise, garlic sauce, sweet & sour Sauce, sambal oelek
Further options: Kings prawns, mussels, fish.

Cook the bouillon and place it in a pot on a heater on the middle of the table. All the raw ingredients are placed around it. Now put ingredients of your choice into the special baskets which you soak into the bouillon until your food is cooked.
The eggs could be poured into the basked very slowly and boiled either with or without an extra salad leaf underneath to prevent leaking. An other way of cooking is to leave the baskets and to just add ingredients into the pot and see what you get out when they are done.